Frequently Asked Questions
Hammerhead Hull Cleaner
1. How does it work?  Hammerhead Hull Cleaner is effective on most waterline stains resulting from either salt water or fresh water environments. Results are usually evident in about 3 - 5 mins. where either the stain begins to lighten & fade or the algae/organic material will begin to soften and can be wiped or sprayed off the surface. 

2. Does it require scrubbing?  Scrubbing the surface is usually not required.   Spraying the surface down with a garden hose afterwards should be sufficient although there may be exceptions where the build up is very heavy, the boat has not been cleaned in a very long time, or the gel coat is aged & porous.

3. Does the hull need to be pressure washed first?  This would be a personal preference depending on the circumstances (how bad is the build up?, how long has it been out of the water?)  Pressure washing first certainly won't hurt, but is not usually necessary.

4. How is this different than acid?  Hammerhead Hull Cleaner removes your water line stain without the danger of harsh acid.  Note that many of the suggested products on Facebook or forums utilize some form of harsh acid as the active ingredient.  A skull & cross bones on the label is a pretty good indicator.

Personal Safety - One of the biggest differences is Hammerhead will not burn your hands, clothes, etc. when working with it. While acid products certainly work, they tend to work on everything they touchHammerhead is more targeted to the task.

Trailer -  Hammerhead will not damage the finish on your trailer, trim, or motor.   It is safe for aluminum, painted, and galvinized surfaces.  You may need to rinse the trailer to remove Hull Cleaner residue (dries white), but you won't be damaging your trailer or other surfaces.

Often forums & blog posts recommend protecting a trailer with plastic or being sure to rinse quickly and very thoroughly to avoid damage.  Hammerhead does not require you to do this.

Hammerhead will remove oily/greasy residue around the motor and exhaust.

5.  What about rust?  Hammerhead will remove rust.  Generally, it will need to remain on the surface for a few minutes longer to accomplish this.  So you can take care of those rust stains around fittings & connections.

6.  What about oily/greasy residue?  Oily/greasy residue sometimes deposits on the hull due to engine exhausts or substances in the water at docks & marinas like diesel residue.  Hammerhead Hull Cleaner contains a powerful but safe degreaser that will remove these substances in addition to your hull stain.

7.  Is this safe to use at home?  Yes, Hammerhead is made from natural elements and has BioPreferred certification with the Federal Government.  Also, Hammerhead reduces the risk of storing dangerous or hazardous acid products at home where children & pets are around.

Additionally, Hammerhead supports "Clean Marina" requirements if you are cleaning your boat at a marina.  Hammerhead is made with natural elements and is certified "BioPreferred" with USDA.  It's especially appropriate for Government and Law Enforcement Agency's where environmental compliance is a requirement.

8.  What is the best way to apply it?   Hammerhead is normally sprayed on the boat hull and allowed to remain for a few minutes at least.   Quarts are supplied with trigger sprays, and gallons can be poured into a garden sprayer for application.  

9.  Does it have to be rinsed?  Rinsing is recommended just to remove the residue, however, some customers do not rinse at all. 

10.  Does this work for Pontoon Boats?  It depends.  Hammerhead Hull Cleaner will remove the organic/tannic stains on the pontoons and as mentioned before is certainly safe for aluminum.  

However, often a greyish/black discoloration appears along the water line after being in the water a long time.  Hammerhead will not remove this discoloration because it is actually the aluminum surface that has discolored or "turned".  Only acid (or labor intensive polishing) will remove this line and "brighten" the toons, but it also removes a little bit of the metal surface as well. 

11.  Where is Hammerhead made?  Hammerhead is 100% manufactured and packaged in Tampa, Fl, USA.

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