Removing your hull stain can be hard work.
Add to that,  strong acid hull cleaners that can...

- burn your hands/clothes
- damage the finish on your trailer & trim
- add one more hazardous chemical to your shelf
- damage driveways and grass
- be harmful to the environment

and it can be a NASTY JOB.

Some cleaners can even damage your boat if left on too long.

To AVOID ALL THAT, you might pay $200 or $300 to have someone else do it, but they may be using a strong acid on your boat anyway.
Or you might just avoid the job altogether and live with a dirty hull.

Isn’t your $20,000 boat (or more) too expensive to risk damaging with strong acid cleaners?

Wouldn’t it be easier to use a hull cleaner that avoids those risks?

Why not just make it easier on you, your boat, and the environment?

Hammerhead Hull Cleaner REMOVES your hull stain, KEEPS you safe, PROTECTS your trailer, and DOESN'T HARM the environment.  

Sounds good, doesn't it?

3 Jobs in 1.
Besides removing your hull stain, Hammerhead also removes oily/greasy residue around the motor/outdrive/exhaust.

Do you have rust stains from the fittings or trim?  Hammerhead Hull Cleaner also removes rust under the fittings & brackets.

So Hammerhead Hull Cleaner removes
1.  hull stains
2.  oily/greasy residue
3.  rust

Wait...  there's more.

Do you clean your boat at the marina or at your own dock at your house?   

You can have peace of mind that Hammerhead is safe to use around the water and at marinas.  Hammerhead is made with NATURAL ELEMENTS & has NO HARSH ACID in it.

How many dangerous chemicals do you have in your garage/shed?

Using Hammerhead means you don't have to keep as many hazardous chemicals around where there can be spills or accidents.

Why not try it out?
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